Glasybont training is based on traditional techniques, brought forward into the current day with training physchology to suit the breed tempremant of the current day working gundog.

Gundog breeds are not as 'hard' as 30 years ago and traditional methods are no longer suitable, or should be used in our oppinion.

Training based on a positive outcome, within strict guidlines of acceptability, consistency and a step by step approach tailered to each dog get the best outcomes.

Richard has been involved in training advanced DNA technology, Veterinary diagnostics and Forensic DNA technology since 1999. He has worked with clients accross the globe including Goverment agencies, National laboratories and prestigous reserach institutes. His experience in training complex learning, in many cases to recipients who do not share the same first language has  enabled him to develop a learning program that translates to our Gundogs.

Training is based on pack mentality. You will here a lot about this from many trainers. However, they routinely use this phrase and then proceed to train the dogs on their own. Whilst one to one is very important, training and working the dog as a functional pack has many advantages. Socialisation of the dog is one of the primary foundations of a successful training program.

At Glasybont, our dogs are all trained at the same time. Young and old go out together and are taught to sit and observe whilst dogs are called forward one at a time for individual attention.

We believe that dogs learn from example, and what better example for a young dog than to observe a seasoned trained dog in operation. By looking at the expression of each dog, both Zoe and Richard can read when the are ready to proceed and take the next step. No dogs are put under pressure that they are not ready to train too.

Every dog has a training record which records their progress so that at the end of each session notes can be made for the subsequent sessions.

Every walk is a basic training session which focusses on steadiness, heal work, recall and free hunting.

Glasybont training has enabled Richard to compete successfully with Labradors, HPR's and Spaniels. The highlight to date has been competing at International retriever  level with 'pip'.

All of our dogs once ready are worked in the shooting field. One of our greatest compliments is when a team of guns stop shooting and turn around to watch us work up to 9 dogs at the same time. A testiment to the success of true pack based training.

So where do you start? There are many gundog clubs around who will offer group training classes. These are very good for socialisation and starter training. They will likely be led by an enthusiastic club member who will offer advice and set up training scenarios.

If you wish to progress further, then a coaching session with a full time trainer is a logical progression. Please note, if you approach these as I am going to learn myself how to train rather that I am going to train my dog you will get a better outcome. You only get out of dog training what you put in.

With time,. you will find local groups of similar ability and will be able to make training on your own. Beware of the so called 'professional trainer'. Whilst there are excellent trainers out there, unfortunately there are more out there that are just interested in relieving you of money for very little in return.  Look for trainers that have good facilities, always have helpers on the day to assist with the throwing of dummies and offer group sessions to start with. A good trainer will start with an un-biased assessment of your current ability and your goals for the training and then work with you to achieve these. Remember, Rome was not built in a day! Be prepared to wait though as these trainers are often booked up in advance as they offer a valued service to many other clients. The premium trainer in the three counties is located in rural Herefordshire and can be contacted with the link below: